Agatha Christie Shortage

December 6, 2008 at 4:32 pm (Books) ()

I’m not a person who has a favourite book.  I love too many different genres and styles to name one book as favourite.  I do however think that I can safely declare a favourite author.  She has written 70 some-odd books, and I’ve read them all.  In fact I’ve read them all numerous times, and they’re still my go-to books when I need something light.  As the title of this post suggests, that author is Agatha Christie.

The thing I find with her books is they’re always enjoyable.  They’re often silly, seldom realistic, and occasionally way out there, but who cares.  The Whodunits she wrote are darn good puzzles.  And most often I either forget how it ends between readings or, with some of the more beloved ones, remember the ending, and spend the whole book gloating as I recognize the pointers, and wondering how I was so dim as not to figure it out the first time through.

I can’t even say that I have a favourite Agatha Christie novel, although I can name my top few: Murder on the Orient Express, the Murder of Roger Ackroyd, and Cat Among the Pigeens are right up there.  (Pretty much I love Hercule Poirot) Favourite short story collections include: the Tuesday Night Club Murders, and Partners in Crime.

I have a problem though.  My mom owned everything Agatha Christie had ever written long before I started reading them.  This means I never built up a good Agatha Christie collection of my own.  I just borrowed Mom’s.  Once I started university, I started to rectify this, mostly by asking for some of the omnibuses etc as birthday gifts.  As a result, I have about 20 of her books here with me.

The problem with only having 20 Agatha Christie’s in this city, is that I’ve read them all at least once, and several of them twice since I moved here a year and a bit ago.  Now, I can read these books over and over, but three times in a year is a little much.  There’s no time to let any of the details fade, at all.

So I need more, that’s the obvious solution.  But now we stumble upon the fact that I’m a little bit cheap, and a little bit illogical.  There’s no good reason for me not to pay $10 a piece for some of these books, but it seems like way to much for something I’ve read before (this is where the lack of logic comes in, that $10 is a much better bet than the $15 or $16 I’ll spend on something I’ve never heard of because it looks interesting).  I seriously need to find a used book store in this city.  But until I do, at least I can whine about it on the internet.


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