The Mistborn Series

December 3, 2008 at 11:21 pm (Books) (, )

Hubby and I both recently finished reading the Mistborn Series, by Brandon Sanderson.  Hubby declared the third book, The Hero of Ages, to be the best end of a fantasy series he’s ever read.  He then spent the next week or so hounding me to start reading it right now so he could listen to me speculate about how it would end.

Personally I was just thrilled to actually read the end of a fantasy series.  Especially one that actually ended after three books, the way so many series now seem to continue indefinitely, or at least until the author dies (as a side note, this is the author who will be finishing Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, now that he has passed).  I was starting to think that the idea of ending your story after three books had died with Tolkien.

I do have to agree with Hubby that it is an excellent book.  And one that ties things up very nicely.  This book ties up loose ends from earlier in the series that I didn’t even realize were loose until right before they were resolved.  The story was super interesting and engaging.  And I was up way to late two nights running finishing it.  It didn’t actually keep me up half the night the way the first one, Mistborn: The Final Empire, did but it was close.

I’m torn about which book in this series is my favourite.  I think that distinction goes to the first one.  It was a really, really, really good book.  The second one, also very good, was probably my least favourite of the three.  I know it was hubby’s least favourite.  It had the most politicking and the least action of the three.

While I wouldn’t call this series light reading, it wasn’t heavy either.  The novels deal with some grown up themes like loyalty and leadership, but they are quick paced, and easy to read.  There’s never any feeling of slogging through to the good parts (a la The Two Towers) because most parts are good parts.  If you’re looking for a good fantasy, I recommend these.


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