Quantum of Solace

November 26, 2008 at 12:06 pm (Movies) (, )

Hubby and I went to the see the new James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, last weekend.  He was pretty impressed; I, on the other hand, was somewhat disappointed.  It wasn’t a bad movie, in fact it was a pretty good movie, it just didn’t do much for me.

From the very beginning I had a problem with the way that the action scenes were shot.  In one of the very earliest, a fight scene between two men in suits, I had no idea which was James Bond, and which the bad guy, until a pause in the action.  It was shot in that jerky manner that seems to be so popular right now.  It’s just unfortunate that I’m no good at following that type of thing, and so was confused.

I also found the plot somewhat confusing.  It picked right up after Casino Royale, a movie which I loved by the way, but it seemed that only some aspects of the story were related to the prvious movie.  I was generally just a bit lost.  I think the story was quite good, but as I’m not completely sure what it was about, I can’t be positive.

Another problem, for me, is that the movie was quite dark.  It was lacking in a lot of the upbeat moments that make James Bond fun.  Casino Royale was a much darker movie than the Pierce Brosnan bond movies, but it still had a lot of those fun moments.  Quantum of Solace had far fewer of those.  Which was a real let down for me, as I went to a James Bond movie looking for an afternoon of fun.

That said, I think that I’m more or less alone in this opinion.  Hubby, as I mentioned above, really liked the movie.  My parents, who saw it the same day, half a country away, also really enjoyed it.  And I can’t say that I thought it was a waste of time or money.  I just didn’t like it nearly as much as I expected to.


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