Yay Audiobooks

November 23, 2008 at 11:06 pm (Books) (, , )

I’ve discovered the absolute greatest thing for jogging, and also for the bus:  audio books.  I was having a small problem with getting bored during jogs.  As Hubby and I have become better and better joggers, we’re doing less walking.  These means that we don’t get breaks during our jogging to chat.  Without any real chatting, 25-30 minutes of jogging can get pretty darn boring.

I’ve tried listening to music while I jog, but it just doesn’t seem to work for me.  I find myself jogging in time to the music, which is often not the right rhythm/pace for me. So with music out of the picture I started looking for other things that I could do with my iPod to make jogging less boring.  And I hit on the idea of audio books.

A quick google search revealed that if you’re looking for audio books of things in the public domain (i.e. to old to be under copyright) you have tons of free options.  So far I’ve been using Free Classic Audio Books because I like their iPod ready downloads.  The library isn’t huge, but I’ve been very impressed with what I’ve listened to.  I’ve also been looking at the LibriVox library, but it’s so large that I’ve found it easier to start with the small one first.

I started off with a book I’d read many times before: The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie.  This was a good choice for me, as it took a couple of chapters to get used to hearing the story instead of reading it.  I have to say that I was absolutely thrilled though.  I’ve always found Agatha Christie’s work entertaining, but it’s never been laugh out loud funny until you hear it read by an Englishman who’s accent is perfect for Captain Hastings.  The accent he used for Poirot was even better.  I can’t wait to start trying out some other books.


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