Bah Humbug

November 21, 2008 at 11:06 pm (Everything Else) (, , )

To start this post I need to be very clear on one point: I love Christmas.  It’s absolutely my favourite time of the year.  I love the decorations, I love the food, I love the presents (giving and getting).  I even love the things that drive everyone else crazy like the super crowded malls, just because they’re part of Christmas.

In fact, I love Christmas so much that I have to set myself some very strict rules to keep from driving everyone around me crazy.  This means that in my little world the holiday season MAY NOT start until November 25.  That’s the date we put up the tree and start decorating.  That’s the date I start shopping.  That’s when things begin.

It doesn’t bother me when stores don’t follow my rules.  Although I did think it was ridiculous when Hubby announced on November first that the Future Shop website was already changed over to a Christmas theme.  I think it takes alot away from the specialness that by early November the whole mall is decorated up with lights and tinsel.  But because it’s a company, not a person, I don’t let it get to me.

Real people however is something totally different.  It’s mid November now, and I took it as a personal affront today when I saw several houses with Christmas lights on.  I was absolutely indignant.  It was as though, by breaking my rules, I felt that these people I had never met were somehow getting away with something they shouldn’t.  Which is silly, because I was out shopping for a wreath.  But dang it, that wreath won’t get hung up until November 25th.  It’s different I tell you.

For the most part I keep these opinions to myself.  Hubby tends to know how I feel, but I would never tell a stranger.  Nor for the most part will I tell people I know, if I feel they’re violating the rules.  The only exception is if you break the rules before Hallowe’en.  When Mom asked me to put together a Christmas list in late October, I intentionally procrastinated until after Hallowe’en.  I just think it kills the spirit of one holiday to start looking forward to the next.

So until November 25th, I say Bah Humbug! Put those lights away!  After the 25th, I’ll be singing Jingle Bells.  I guess I’m just an odd one.


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