Mmmmmm Tacos

November 14, 2008 at 3:21 pm (The joy of cooking) (, , , )

Hubby and I made tacos, or at least something that is a reasonable semblance thereof, the other night and they were so yummy.  Usually for things like tacos and fajitas we buy the old el paso seasoning mix, add chicken or beef and veggies and we’re good to go.  However this was a last minute decision to make tacos, as the original plan of pork chops and broccoli didn’t appeal to either of us, so no old el paso packets were on hand.

We had tortillas in the freezer, as well as ground beef, so soft tacos were the easiest option.  The last time we bought a package of tortillas, I had the brilliant idea to take the whole package apart, and put a sheet of waxed paper between each one.  This way we could freeze them, and just take out as many as we needed.  I had hoped it would work obviously, but never expected the technique to be nearly as successful as it actually was.  The wraps came out no problem.  All except the one mysterious cut wrap that is.  The frozen solid wrap was cut or broken in a perfectly straight line.  I can’t figure out how it happened, other than I know that it was broken when  I put them in the freezer.

We started with ground beef and onion in the frying pan, liberally salted and peppered.  Once that was all browned up and yummy, i started inventing taco sauce by throwning flavours into the pan.  I used a base of about three tablespoons of salsa.  To this I added garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder and a bit of cumin.  Once that was mixed in, I hit it with the Worcestershire sauce (makes everything taste better) and the Frank’s red hot sauce.

The result was a bit different from old el paso, and I’m not sure how much like most tacos it really was, as we don’t do them that often, but it’s definitely on the keeper list.


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