How Marriage Changed my Eating Habits

October 15, 2008 at 3:36 pm (Married Life) (, , , )

I do not consider myself a particularily picky eater.  I like a wide variety of foods, however there are a few things that I don’t care for.  The major ones are: cheese, coffee and coconut.  A little over a year ago, that list would also have included tea and red wine, but then I got married and everything changed.

I was converted first on the issue of tea.  I could drink tea before, but I wouldn’t normally chose to.  About the only times I ever had a cup of tea were when visiting my Nana and Grandad at the retirement home, because they didn’t really keep anything else on hand to offer, and I didn’t like to refuse they’re hospitality.

Then, the day after our wedding Hubby noticed that there were instructions on the coffee maker for how to make hot chocolate using it.  Knowing that I love hot chocolate, Hubby offered to make some for me.  Once he got the water going however, he realized that there were no packages of hot chocolate among the tea and coffee packages.  Feeling bad that his nice gesture wasn’t working out, I agreed to his offer to make me tea instead (he knew better than to even suggest coffee) and I was amazed to discover that it was really, really good.

At first I thought it was just the awesomeness of having my new husband make tea for me that made it taste good, but I had tea several more times over the course of our Honeymoon, and it stayed enjoyable.  In fact, I now start most days with a cup of tea.

The red wine conversion started earlier, but took longer to take full effect, and in fact, I still prefer white wine to red, except when eating red meat.  My first good interaction with red wine occured at the wine and cheese shower that a very good friend threw for me right before my wedding.  She had paired the wines with the perfect foods (and then left the cheese out of my servings). It was there that I discovered that red wine really does work exceptionally well with roast beef.  However, away from these perfect pairings I still didn’t like it much, and chose white wine every option I got.

Then, on our Honeymoon, Hubby and I went on a wine tour (for anyone who’s never been, Prince Edward County, Ontario has an awesome wine industry).  Once again I was exposed to really good red wine, and I was in a romantic mood.  Between the two factors, I really enjoyed it.  In the year and a bit since then, we’ve been gradually drinking up the shower gifts and wine tour purchases.  Alot of that was red wine, and I’ve discovered that really, I actually kinda like the stuff.

My Dad is still holding out for marriage to change my feelings toward cheese I believe, but I just don’t see that one happening.  However two years ago I wouldn’t have expected to like red wine, so I guess you never know.


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