Fantasy Novel Addiction

October 5, 2008 at 10:13 pm (Everything Else) (, , )

I’ve always been hooked on books.  And for many years fantasy was among my favourite genres.  A few years ago I went off fantasy a bit.  This wasn’t for any particular reason, but I guess I got a bit sick of it.  Earlier this year I got back into fantasy big time.

Hubby had a couple of books by Brandon Sanderson, and I had some of Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth books.  I’ve posted earlier about us guessing back and forth at the contents of books the other had already read.  Well, I’ve caught up to him on Brandon Sanderson, and I’ve taken the lead with the Terry Goodkind.

After reading the first Terry Goodkind in about two days, the second took me almost three weeks, due to a visit from my parents in the middle.  I’ve been rationing the books, as attempts to reread this series in the past have usually ended with me getting bored about 2.5 books in (not that the third book isn’t good, just too much of a good thing).

The result has been me going crazy.  I’ve forced myself to read at least one non-fantasy novel in between each of the Sword of Truth books that I’ve been reading.  I spent Friday night rushing through the end of a Susan Howatch family saga novel, so that I could start book 4, Temple of the Winds, on Saturday.  Since I started it yesterday afternoon, I’m now 240 pages into it.  I predict I’ll be done by the end of the week, and will then rush through a random other book until I can read book 5.  Terry Goodkind=awesome.  book rationing=works beautifully for me.


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