Stupid Computer

September 28, 2008 at 4:19 pm (Everything Else) (, , )

My computer, as they are known to sometimes do, has screwed up.  For some unknown reason, my computer has decided that no one, including me, has permission to open the latest version of the research proposal that I have been working on for the last several days.

I’ve lost about a day’s worth of work assuming that the computer doesn’t decide to get it’s act together and let me in sometime soon.  This isn’t the end of the world, obviously.  It does however make me very, very annoyed.  I have a super busy week coming up (at least the early part) even without this, so I’m thoroughly unimpressed.  In fact, I’m so annoyed with Macspiffy (yes, it’s a mac, and I tend to think it’s spiffy, therefore MacSpiffy) that I’ve been “not talking to it” for the last few minutes.  I’ve relented because I like the internet more than I’m mad at the computer.

I’m reasonably certain that it is gone, because Hubby did his communing with electronics thing, and got no results.  If he can’t get it to work, then no one that I know is going to get it to work, short of paying money which I’m not willing to do.  Now I get to waste a whole day redoing that part of the proposal.  And I can guarantee that I won’t be as happy with the redone version of it, as I was with the original.


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