Twelfth Night

September 26, 2008 at 4:13 pm (Married Life) (, , , , )

Hubby and I recently went to see a production of Twelfth Night put on by Bard On The Beach.  It was an anniversary gift from Hubby’s parents and we had a very good time.

The play was hilarious.  As is common with Shakespeare productions these days, it was set not in the era it was written in, but another one entirely.  In this case the play was set in 1920’s New York.  The women were in flapper style dresses (well except Viola of course).  Music from that era was incorporated into the play as well.

The most brilliant part of the 1920’s setting was the first scene of the play.  It had been filmed in advance, and was shown in black and white as a silent film.  Every line or two of dialogue they interrupted the picture to display the dialogue in white text on a black screen.  The quality of the image and projector sound effects really brought you right into the setting.

Hubby and I both laughed really hard that night.  I had seen Twelfth Night once before, so I knew that it was funny, but I have to say that the physical comedy in this production really took the cake.  I nearly fell over when one of the male characters was wheeled out in a sailor suit with a large lollypop sitting in a red wagon.  And there was a river of love style swan car that two of the characters rode in at one point.

My only disappointment was with the sword fight scene.  Really I have no reason to be disappointed, it was quite funny.  The only problem I had with it was that the last time I saw Twelfth Night, the sword fight was the funniest part of the play, so I was really looking forward to it.  However in this production, some of the other parts were simply much funnier.

The Bard on the Beach setup was very nice too.  We hadn’t been to any of their productions before so we didn’t expect such a nice stage and seats, or the full concession stand/bar that they had, based on the fact that it was all housed in tents.  However, we didn’t think through what we were wearing, and we were pretty cold by the end of the night.  Overall, totally worth being cold for.


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