The Week of Feeling Unwanted

September 20, 2008 at 11:28 am (Everything Else) (, , , )

This post may be a bit whiny, as it truly hasn’t been a good week.  None of these things are a big deal on their own, but they did add up to me feeling a bit as though nobody wanted me (except Hubby of course, who has done a very good job of making me feel better.)

It started out with my parents heading home.   Mom in particular really didn’t want to leave, so I cerntainly wasn’t feeling rejected per se, but I did go from being super busy with houseguests, to not having anyone around.  Then my sis got sick, and moved some plans from Tuesday to Thursday, again no big deal, and she was sick, but the change happened Tuesday morning which kind of threw me off.

This was followed up by some school related issues.  I need to put together a committee of people to supervise my thesis.  I talked to my main supervisor about this, and he suggested the appropriate professors to ask, and approximately what to say.  At this point, I was under the impression that it was basically a given that they’d say yes (I think my supervisor was too).  The first guy said yes, however he first joked somewhat awkwardly (and I think somewhat seriously) about if there was any way he could get out of it.  Not exactly flattering.

The second guy threw me for a total loop by saying that he didn’t think he was the right person to help on this thesis.  I admit at this point I was a bit stunned.  Luckily, my supervisor seemed equally surprised, so I felt a bit better about it at that point, but it did really throw off the rest of my week.

That night we had the departmental barbeque that happens every year.  I like the barbeque, and I like the people in the department, but I’m quite shy.  After a few minutes of having talked to the people I know, I spent a while following Hubby around.  Overall I had a good time, but I did feel a bit like a wallflower.  Normally wouldn’t have bothered me, but this week it was just one more thing.

Then, the piece de resistance on Thursday was when I got stood up for lunch by a girlfriend who completely forgot that we were supposed to meet.  I’m still a little steamed about that one, as I stood around like a starving idiot for half an hour in the student union building before hubby came along looking for lunch himself, and we joined up.

The rest of the week was fine, and mostly I’m over it, but hopefully next week everyone will actually want me.


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