Weekend at Whistler, or Megan Rediscovers her Fear of Heights

September 9, 2008 at 12:08 am (Everything Else) (, , , , , )

We spent this past weekend at Whistler.  It really was pretty awesome.  I can totally understand why people love that place so much, and I wasn’t even there during ski season.  Although I did discover just how much more outdoorsy most people who go there are compared to me.

We spent some time watching the end of the mountain bike runs, and went near the beginning of some hike trails, but my parents weren’t really up for hiking, and Hubby and my sister were busy.  They chose to take advantage of actually having one another’s presence (as the only two daredevils in the family) to go Zip treking.  As ziptrek sounded more like something that would make me cry than have fun, I elected not to join them.  They claim it was awesome.

Instead Mom, Dad and I took the gondola to the roundhouse.  This turned out to be a bit frightening.  I haven’t been in a position to notice it in a while, but I am TERRIFIED of heights.  Being up high on a mountain didn’t scare me.  However being up above the mountain on a gondola did.  I held on tight to the bar, and convinced myself that by holding on I was driving.

Once we got up that far, Dad went to sit in the Roundhouse, and Mom and I made the 5 minute walk down to where the chair lift to the peak starts.  Originally I was just going to walk her down there, but then we saw a little old couple getting off the lift, and I figured that if they could do it so could I.  That wasn’t my brightest moment.

I have to confess that I was in tears by the time we reached the top.  The chair approaches multiple shear rock faces, where you think they must be the top, only to go over and have the ground fall away under it again.  By the time we finally got there my knuckles were white.  Luckily despite all my apprehension, down was significantly better than up.  I was worried that facing downhill would make things scarier, but for some reason this wasn’t true.  I did however make my parents buy me a beer for courage before I agreed to get back into the gondola down the mountain.


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  1. Krysti said,

    I completely understand how you feel and at least you got a beer out of it! My kids teased me relentlessly (and continue to even years later). I have been skiing at Whistler a few times and when the snow is on the ground, the gondola and chair lift are not as bad. You get the feeling of being closer to the ground when there is a good base of snow. The one and only time I took that same trip up (and down) that you did, I freaked out. My tank top was soaked with sweat although it was a beautiful day and I held on so tight, my in-laws and hubby had to pry my hands open to get me to let go. I guess i don’t need to mention the tears welling in my eyes the entire time. The next summer, I let the family talk me into the Capilano Suspension Bridge. I was ok there (because I felt more in control as I was walking), but still very nervous. What bothered me most were the people who ran or jumped on the bridge making it shake worse than it would normally. I ended up with a large bruise on my forearm because I would not let go of the “bridge rail” and my forearmn kept hitting those thick cables.

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