Beef Curry Pot Pie

September 2, 2008 at 7:39 pm (The joy of cooking) (, , , )

My parents are in town at the moment, and so Hubby and I have been making all of our “specialty dishes” to feed them.  One in particular that we invented and particularly enjoy is our beef curry pot pie.   Hubby thought this was a dish his mom made, but when he asked for a recipe she had never heard of it.  Then he thought it was something he’d had at a pub, but we checked that pub’s menu and there was no sign of it, so we had to make it up.

We start with cubing up a bunch of beef, we prefer round steak for this.  Then we cubed up potatoes, carrots and celery, as well as onion.  Proportions are entirely up to taste. we just make sure there’s enough to fill the casserole dish.

The veggies are microwaved with a bit of water until they are just tender.  If this step is skipped, the pie comes out a bit crunchy (as we unfortunately discovered when we served it the other day).  Then we add frozen peas and mix all the veggies together.

At the same time, we brown the beef in a frying pan.  Coating the beef in flour first helps it to brown up quickly and nicely.  Next we use the beef browning to make a gravy.  Generally I need to add butter, then mix in the flour to make the roux.  To this we usually add beef broth, and milk if we have it to thin the sauce to the desired consistancy.

We then flavour the sauce with salt, pepper, pureed thai chili peppers (i don’t know exactly what kind, the market we go to simply calls them “hot peppers” but they are very hot) and lots and lots of curry powder and some cumin.  The sauce should be yellow.  We also add a dash of worcestershire sauce, and sometimes a bit of hot sauce depending on the flavour.

The final step is to buy some Tenderflake brand puff pastry, roll it out, and put it over the top of the pot pie.  Cold from the fridge we find a large one of these bakes in about an hour.  We usually cover the pie with something for the first half-hour to keep the pastry from getting too browned.


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  1. Mom said,

    Never again will you be permitted to tell me my recipe instructions are too vague! That aside, I made it last weekend for the aunts and uncles, and it was a big success. And no, I didn’t make note of any quantities either, so Emily, if you’re reading this, you’re on your own too!


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