Final Fantasy X Finally Over

August 30, 2008 at 12:16 am (Everything Else) (, )

Hubby and I finally finished Final Fantasy X (ffx) last night.  I say finally because it took us a long time (in terms of number of months we have owned the game) to get through this relative to other similar games.  And frankly, we did the bare minimum.

I have to say that we aren’t huge fans of ffx, although I think that this is a bit unfair to the game.  We got Final Fantasy XII about 8 month before we got ffx, and we went through it super quickly (by our standards).  in four months we beat that game for the first time, we didn’t do all the extras (we played without a walkthrough, so we missed some things) but we did a lot.

The problem, when we got ffx was that while it was fun, it wasn’t as much fun as ffxii.  There are things that XII simply did better than X in our opinion.  X has a sphere grid, which when the game was new probably seemed like a lot of flexibility.  However XII has a license board which allows even more flexibility, and is much harder to shoot yourself in the foot with.

As well, we found ffx to be quite a slow game, the battles took a long time, and they were super frequent.  This made doing anything in the game a time consuming effort.  We also could never get the hang of blitzball, which is the major mini-game in ffx.  Perhaps if we’d managed to do blitzball we’d have had more fun.

Overall, I’m happy we played it.  We’re generally big fans of Final Fantasy games and I’d have been sorry to have never done it.  However I don’t think I’ll be playing it again.


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