My Auntie Helen

August 26, 2008 at 11:35 pm (Family and Friends) (, , )

I talked to my Auntie Helen on the phone the other day.  This is always a bit of a treat as we just don’t manage to talk as often as I think either of us would like to.  She’s actually my great aunt, and she talks to my mom and grandpa quite a bit so at least they can keep me updated on her goings on.

Auntie Helen is my Grandma’s sister, and she lives two time zones away in the town that they grew up in.  I’ve been there several times; and Mom has mentioned before that even though she never lived there, it’s still what she thinks of as her “home town.”  Auntie Helen has three granddaughters and seven great grandchildren of her own all living in the same town.  However she’s always filled a role closer to what I refer to as “bonus, long distance grandmother” than great aunt in my life.

It could just be that I’ve never been close to any of my other great aunts, although I have/had several.  But in fact in many ways I’m closer to Auntie Helen than I am to my non-great aunts.  Hubby and I just had our one year wedding anniversary.  One year isn’t a major milestone that I expect many people to acknowledge.  but  Auntie Helen did, she and Grandpa were the only people other than our parents to send cards.

Like all important people in my life, it’s her little quirks that make her extra special.  Although I send all cards and correspondence addressed to Auntie Helen, I’d be confused if she ever signed on that way.  Seriously, I’d be wondering if something was wrong.  That’s because she signs everything addressed to myself, my sister and my mother A. Helen HerLastname.  Even my wedding guestbook is signed this way.

I asked my mom once why she did it, and what the A stands for.  Not all that surprisingly the A is for Auntie.  When my mom was little, and Auntie Helen’s husband was alive, she would address letters to A. Helen and U. Les.  The reason for this was simple: anything else was too long to fit on one line.  Funny how life’s little mysteries, and the fun quirks always seem to lead back to the practical.


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