Happy Anniversary to Us

August 18, 2008 at 10:43 pm (Married Life) ()

Hubby and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary yesterday.  I can hardly believe we’ve been married a full year already.  It seems like it can’t possibly have been that long.

We had a really awesome day.  We slept in, and then went for a picnic lunch at a small park near our apartment.  I roasted a whole chicken the day before, and then carved it up and refrigerated it over night.  I also bought a couple of those “finish baking it yourself” baguettes, so we had nice warm bread.  We added in some pate, spicy hummus and roasted garlic (yummy, and so easy to make in the slow cooker while roasting the chicken).

Then for dessert we had blueberries and cherries (yay for yummy local fruit) and also some chocolate covered strawberries.  Again, I had made these the day before.  We made some Southern style sweet tea, using the recipe from the Joy of Cooking, and then headed out for our yummy, yummy lunch.

The park was surprisingly quiet; we were a bit worried about that as it has a playground but the only child there was one toddler with his parents.  We also saw a few people walking dogs.

After our lunch, we took a break from the anniversary celebrations, then headed back out for dinner.   I was way overdressed for the little italian restaurant we chose, but there was no way that I wasn’t dressing up for our anniversary dinner.

We had a fantastic dinner.  We’ve been to this restaurant a couple of times before, so we know the food there is always good.  Our waiter was great too.  He was very friendly.  Hubby gave the kitchen a bit of a thrill by saying that the pizza he had reminded him of the pizza in Rome.  We then enjoyed a very dressed up, somewhat tipsy bus ride home to end the evening.


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