Watching the Olympics

August 15, 2008 at 10:18 pm (Everything Else, tv) (, , )

I love the Olympics, absolutely love them. I watch them constantly while they’re on. This is true for both the summer and winter games, but obviously at the moment it’s the Beijing summer games that are keeping me glued to the screen. I’m actually watching them now as I write this. We’re currently losing the baseball game to the USA, but I haven’t given up yet.

I’m actually starting to drive Hubby a bit crazy. We’ll be watching something, and he’ll suddenly realize it’s a rerun of an event we’ve already seen and look at my incredulously like “why do you still want to watch this?” It’s kinda funny actually. You’d think after a week of them he’d be used to me, but apparently not. We also don’t love the same sports, I get most excited when gymnastics and diving are on, and I think those two are among his least favourite. Oh well, he’s putting up with me anyways.

One thing I’ve found really interesting watching these commercials is the ads. I’ve never before been in the country, let alone the city, where the next Olympics is to be held. I honestly feel like I see as many ads (or more) promoting Vancouver 2010, or showcasing the winter sports or athletes as I do with the summer athletes. This might also be influenced by the fact that we don’t have a lot of big stars in this summer games.

I’m finding it a bit odd. I’m used to watching sports, and then seeing ads about those sports in the breaks. not watching some summer sports, and then seeing adds featuring a future biathlon contestant. Or Wonder bread ads with little kids dressed up as winter Olympians. Although I adore those Wonder bread ads, Those little kids are so cute, especially the little figure skating pair.

I’ll miss the Olympics when they’re over, but as the tv keeps reminding me, the next ones are only 18 months away. And Hubby will probably be glad for the break.

I had to edit this post to add that less than two hours after I finished posting this we were watching the olympics when Hubby exclaims: “Oh God, didn’t we watch this? Twice?!” after a short pause he followed this up with “no more swimming.”  I think he thinks they’re replaying Michael Phelps too often.


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