My Legs Hurt

August 11, 2008 at 11:01 pm (Married Life) (, )

After our bike ride around the seawall the other day, Hubby and I have been enjoying the idea of getting more physically fit.  So we’ve taken up jogging.  It hasn’t been too bad so far, but today my legs are rebelling a bit.  I’m hoping that they’ll get over it by tomorrow night, when we should be jogging again.

We’ve been using a jogging program that I found online called Couch to 5K.  We’ve been doing pretty good so far.  It’s hard but not impossible.  We’re only at the end of the first week, so starting tomorrow we move things up a level: 90 whole seconds of jogging at a time.

We’ve only encountered two real problems so far.  The first is that Hubby’s comfortable jogging pace is alot faster than mine.  This isn’t a problem at all when you’re only jogging 1 minute at a go; I just catch up to him on the walking breaks.  It does cause some concern when we move up to more jogging at a time though.  I think we might check out some of the schools nearby and see if any of them have a track, as then we wouldn’t lose track of one another.

A track would also be good as this is a very hilly city.  It’s hard to find a stretch to jog that doesn’t have some significant slope to it around here.  This is hard both ways, uphill is obvious, but I found that when jogging downhill I ended up going faster than was really comfortable.

Our other problem is that we don’t have a decent stopwatch to time the segments of running and walking with.  We thought about buying a cheap one when at Sears the other day, but it hardly seems worth it as hopefully in 7 weeks we’ll be up to just jogging for 30 minutes.  So far we’ve been using Hubby’s GPS, but it’s terrible on batteries, and uses AAA’s.  I think I solved this last night with a new podcast for my Ipod.

I just grabbed a bunch of my favourite songs, quick paced ones for jogging and somewhat slower for walking, and cut them to the right length.  It’s a bit choppy and awkward to list to, but much better than trying to watch a stopwatch.  And really, I tend to skip around between songs and miss the second half of them half the time anyways.

Overall, I’m still looking forward to going jogging tomorrow, so I think this might be working.


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