July 26, 2008 at 6:39 pm (Married Life) (, , , , )

Hubby and I went to visit the Aquarium today, and it was really amazing.  We ended up buying season passes, because they’re cheaper than two tickets, and we plan to take my parent’s there when they come to town.

There were a bunch of different shows, the only one we watched was the dolphin show, which was pretty impressive.  It was only about 15 minutes but there was sure alot of jumping in that time.  They have four dolphins at the Aquarium and they put on a great show.

We also took a look at the Beluga exhibit.  We didn’t join the massive line to get at the underground viewing room to see the baby beluga, but we did see it from above.  It’s actually really cute.  The gift shop was pretty cute too, there were tons of “It’s a girl” beluga items for sale, including pink stuffed whales.

We also had a blast with the sea otters, they were so adorable.  There was one that seemed to have an itchy foot/flipper.  It spent several minutes floating around scratching away, occasionally turning a somersault in the water.  Then they were fed.  The food was some sort of shrimp or fish, embedded in large chunks of ice.  I can now honestly say that I’ve seen a sea otter banging a piece of ice against rock, breaking it apart.  One of the two otters had gathered up all the large chunks of ice and was floating around with them  all balanced on its stomach.  The other otter grabbed all the bits that got away.  I think it actually ate more in the time we were watching.

There were just the highlights.  There were tons of tanks full of small fish and urchins.  Many of the underwater creatures were really, really weird. And some were really beautiful, like the strawberry anemone.  Amazingly, I didn’t chicken out completely from the reef shark exhibit.  I didn’t get very close to the glass, and I mostly focussed on the sea turtle that was in there with them. But I didn’t run away.

Finally we visited the frog exhibit.  There were at least a couple dozen types of frogs there, many of them endangered.  It seems that there’s some type of plague that’s wiping out frogs, and this exhibit was designed to raise awareness.  Given how much I love frogs, I really enjoyed this exhibit.  Although there were a few frogs that I couldn’t find in their aquariums.

Overall, an awesome way to spend an afternoon, and I’ll definitely go back


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