How I Defeated the Closet

July 20, 2008 at 11:50 pm (Married Life) (, )

We have a huge closet in our apartment.  It’s a great place to store stuff, but it has one problem: no shelves and very little internal structure.  When Hubby left town almost two weeks ago, he left out a suitcase that belongs in this closet (I told him this was ok, and that I would put it away)  I’ve been walking around this suitcase since then, and today I decided to take on the closet and try to get it put away.  This turned into an all day struggle from which I came out victorious.

Well, after a little struggling, it became obvious that in order for the suitcase to go in, everything else had to come out.  The only exception was the part of the closet sectioned off for support by the stairs.  That part is full of bubble wrap and styrofoam from our move here.  That part got left alone.  I tried to pull some out, but it’s scary.

Turns out, we had ALOT of cardboard in there.  I promoted one box up to secondary laundry basket, but the rest I broke down for recycling.  Including the huge one that served as a dining room table for two weeks until our table got here.  That box had duct tape all over it which just made taking it apart even harder.

After finally becoming mistress of all things cardboard (without even cutting myself) I had to tackle the stuff that I couldn’t just throw out.  I found all our winter scarves and stuff.  And I found Hubby’s Linux cap, which has been missing for a while.  I found my mini-vacuum, which for some reason was in the box for Hubby’s biking stuff, and I found the biking stuff which was pretty much everywhere but in the box.

For a long time I couldn’t figure out why stuff still wasn’t fitting.  Then I remembered like magic: the suitcases must be put together like Russian nesting dolls.  So out they all came again, the duffels got folded, and back into the closet they went.  And now, it’s all pretty and clean and organized.  I have bruises from dropping boxes on myself, but I definitely won.

Hubby be warned.  When you get home, if those suitcases you took with you get just thrown in the closet rather than nested properly, I may have to kill you.


1 Comment

  1. Hubby said,

    Duly noted.

    Also, for the record, I knew the Linux hat was there; I put it away in the hat box 🙂

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