July 19, 2008 at 8:57 am (Everything Else, Married Life) ()

I had an interesting discussion the other day, which started when I confused the heck out of my lab mate with the following sentence: “I have a pile of books in my bedroom from last time I went home, raided my room for books, and then brought them back home.”

Now, what I really meant was: “I have a pile of books in my bedroom in this city from last time I went to my parents house, raided my old bedroom for books, and brought them back to my apartment in this city.” Not all that surprisingly, he required clarification of that sentence. But it let me really thinking about what is “home.”

Now, for the first 19 years of my life, home was straightforward. We never moved during my childhood, so there was no issue of a hometown that was different than where I lived. Home was my parents house, my house, where I grew up.

When I went to University it got a bit more complex. But in undergrad everyone knew that when you talked about going home, time scale indicated where you were talking about. Home for the weekend meant parent’s place. Home for lunch meant your local apartment. It worked because everyone was in that situation.

Then I got married, and for real moved out of my parents house. Barring unforseen circumstances, I have no intention of living there again. And suddenly the definition of home gets a lot fuzzier. It’s only made worse by the massive amount of stuff that my parents are storing for us. Seriously, they have an entire closet full of wedding presents that we couldn’t afford to move halfway across the country for two years.

So after much reflection, i have come up with a new definition. I started by thinking about what is different about when I return to my parents house compared to most anywhere else. And here is what I came up with. Home is anywhere that you have lived, where you still have a place that is yours (even if other people use it while you’re gone) and full fridge privileges, and everyone is happy about that.


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  1. Hubby said,

    That’s actually really cool 🙂

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