July 17, 2008 at 11:44 pm (Everything Else) ()

Silas is the cat who lives upstairs. He belongs to our landlords, and was in and out of this apartment while they were renovating it last summer. And Silas is pretty sure that this is still part of his domain. In fact he’s so sure, that he’s currently guarding the apartment door just waiting for me to slip up and let him in.

This is annoying for two reasons 1)I am not a cat person and do not really know how to deal with them 2)I really want to go outside to the washing machine. Usually I can get past Silas by blocking him with my foot, but I don’t think I can navigate the door and the cat with a laundry basket.

He’s only gotten in once. I wasn’t home that day, hubby was here alone. But he nows like to talk about that fact that herding cats is every bit as difficult as it is rumoured to be. Every time he tries to direct our roomba he compares it to herding cats.

Now, I’m sure Silas is a very nice cat, but he’s been watching me through the door window for a couple hours now, and I’m starting to feel like he’s a bit evil. Really, shouldn’t he be getting bored or something. I feel a bit pathetic pinned in my apartment by a cat. I could phone the landlord, who I know is home, but what do you say? “Your cat is looking at me, please take it away?” I mean if he actually gets inside I’ll phone upstairs, but right now the living room looks like it’s been hit by a scrapbook-bearing tornado, and I don’t want to risk a cat getting into it.

As I’ve been writing this post, Silas appears to have finally bored of watching me. He’s moved three whole steps away from the door. Not very far, but I think I can successfully get in and out. I’m off to finally move the laundry.


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