So You Think You Can Dance

July 15, 2008 at 6:29 pm (tv) ()

I’m sitting on the couch right now watching “So You Think You Can Dance.”  I love this show. I adore the variety of dancing that’s shown.  And I just love the dancers this season.  All of them.  I have so many favourite pieces from this season already.

I’ve never really been a big fan of Hip Hop.  I love dance, both watching it and doing it, but Hip Hop has just never really worked for me.  Until now.  I absolutely love the work Napolean and Tabitha have been doing this season.

But I have a problem.  My problem is that this show is currently airing four times a week, and I can’t stop watching.  There’s the new shows each Wednesday/Thursday on Fox.  And the MuchMusic reruns it on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday.  In fact, I’m watching the show as I write this.

Now normally I don’t have the TV this much, especially if there isn’t anything I really want to see on.  The problem is that Hubby is out of town, and I am one of the worlds jumpiest people.  So, I keep the tv on so that I won’t hear the random settling sounds of the house, the street and the people upstairs.  And then when I’m channel surfing I notice this show and end up watching it again.

The problem with this is that as much as I love the dancers, I’m starting to hate everyone else.  I spend way too much time making fun of what Cat Deeley is wearing.  I end up yelling at Mia Michaels for being weird and mean.  I make fun of everything Mary Murphy says. Pretty much I love watching the dances, and then I spend all the time in between annoyed.  And I’m talking to myself the whole time as there’s no one here to hear me.  It’s causing me to have terribly mixed feelings about a show I love.

So if anyone out there knows how to break a tv addiction, please let me know.


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