Cherry Jam

July 13, 2008 at 8:47 am (The joy of cooking)

For years, I’ve helped my mom make strawberry jam in the summer. It was the only kind of jam we ever had in the house, and I know how to make it. So it just seemed natural that this summer now that Hubby and I are truly moved out and independent that I would make strawberry jam for us. I did that last weekend and it went great.

However, while I had the Certo package out I noticed a recipe for cherry jam. Since where I live now cherries cost about half what they did at home, and taste better this seemed like a great idea. So this friday I went out and got cherries and jars. Saturday afternoon I headed to the kitchen to make the jam. Step one was to remove the pits. After about five minutes of struggling with a paring knife I gave up and called my mom.

Mom got a bit quiet when I asked how to pit cherries, and then said “you need a cherry pitter.” So after a couple minutes we determine that I should be able to find a cherry pitter in any kitchen store for a reasonable price, and I set out on another hour long round trip to the mall.

Well, nine stores later (thank goodness our mall is huge so I at least had that many options) I finally found a twenty dollar cherry pitter in Home Outfitters. It’s kinda crazy looking, like a one hole paper punch. By the time I found it and got it home, I must admit, I really truly hated that cherry pitter.

Then I used it. Enough cherries for an entire batch of jam pitted in 30 minutes. I love this thing. I’m looking for reasons to pit cherries now so that I can 1)use it again and 2)justify the cost to myself.

So finally, at 8:00 yesterday evening the cherry jam adventure that started around 2:00 was over. And I have some yummy, yummy jam. Oh, and if anyone has cherries that need pitting, I’m so on it.


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  1. Laura said,

    I enjoyed reading about your cherry pitting adventures. It was amusing 🙂 Glad it works well though, and that the jam turned out well!

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